Youth Ministers Mike and Alicia Ward

We have not always been a family based on Christ, but as our family grew we found that there was a gap that we could not fill on our own. I know Jesus was guiding us that Sunday as we looked for a church to attend. When we walked in the doors of Lowery, we could feel the love of God and the comfort of family. During the years worshipping with Lowery we felt that God was steering us to share the love we have for our children with all those that were in the church, so we started working with the youth in 2011 as small group leaders. We continued until 2015 when we, along with the other group leaders, were asked to fill in during the transition of our youth pastor becoming our lead pastor. From those first days of our Christian lives unsure as to where we fit in the body of Christ to now; we know God had a plan.

We both have our bachelor’s degree; Alicia’s degree is in childhood development from the University of Arkansas and mine is business administration from the University of Oklahoma. God has blessed Alicia and I with four wonderful children; our oldest Reegan, Trinity, Marshall and Mika.